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The salon is a private hair studio attached to my home with its own separate entrance. I only see one guest at a time, so I can completely focus on you and your needs. You’ll feel comfortable sharing your hair concerns in a calm and quiet environment.

~ Dawn Bacchi

What To Expect On Your First Visit


A custom program will be created to target your individual needs to grow your hair back and reduce future hair loss. Treatment Plans start at $3200.

*Trichology Exam & Consultation – 90 Min. $395.
*Consultation Fee is non-refundable but will be applied towards full service hair loss restoration packages if you decide to move forward.

$195 non refundable fee required
to secure the Trichology consultation appointment. 48 hour cancellation is required. If cancelled on time, the $195 fee will go towards rebooking the consultation.

Restoration service fees, package pricing and product costs, will be discussed in person and is based on your analysis and individualized plan.

*Additional consultation service fees
A 30-Minute Follow-Up Consultation to go over your test results is included in the $395 Consultation Fee. Follow-Up Consultations beyond 30-Minutes, will be billed at $195 per 30-Minutes and may need to be scheduled for another day.

Special Extended Consultation – $395 Per Hour 
Consultation services when opting out of hair restoration treatments, such as lifestyle recommendations, hair & scalp care, nutrition and other treatments, will be billed an hourly rate of $395 per hour and by appointment only. 


• Confidential Medical Questionnaire
• In depth discussion of hair loss concerns
• Photographic images of hair loss with Gro Track
• Microscopic scalp scope and UV scope
• Pull test
• Zone analysis
• Diagnostic & treatment Plan
*A Blood test may be asked to determine the exact cause of hair loss. If you have a recent blood test within 90 days of the consultation please bring it to appointment.

This is a marathon not a race. If you follow the recommended plan and instructions, you will grow hair … but it will take discipline, consistency and dedication to see results.



Upon request, I will discuss how to style or color and cut to make your hair look fuller. This is information for you to share with your regular hair stylist.

Service Add-Ons

Add-on services do not come with blowout & style after treatments.

Scalp Detox – 45 minutes $65+

Customizing detox scrub massaged into the scalp to lift scalp debris, excess sebum oil, dry scalp. Scalp will be bathed in moisture bath and the hair will be conditioned, leaving the scalp perfectly PH balanced to encourage healthy hair growth.


Scalp Moisture Steam – 30 minutes $55+

Scalp will be washed and treated with a scalp moisturizer and a 15-minute warm steam; to insure maxamine moisture barrier for a perfect PH balance. This service is best for Dry/flaky scalp.


High Frequency – 15 minutes $35+ 

High Frequency current will stimulate blood flow and help calm nerves. This treatment will improve Follicular health.


Scalp Massage – 10 minutes $20 
A scalp massage is done with the palm of the hands, applying gentle pressure to slowly move the scalp over the skull; releasing tension, increasing blood flow, and helping to release the lymphatic fluids.


Cell Wellbeing Diagnostic Test
$300 for 2 Tests –  Taken 90 days apart.  
This Cell DNA Hair test will diagnose and indicate what is going on in your body, down to the cellular level, from the last 90 days.
• A minimum of 4 hairs will be gently pulled from the root to analyze. The analyzer takes DNA energy from the hair.
• A full diagnostic report will be sent to you via email.
• The diagnostic report will list the recommended supplements and nutrition to greatly improve your hair, skin and nails.


Hair Restoration Questionnaire

For your safety and to ensure you get the best possible treatment, all clients are required to fill out
the attached questionnaire and medical history.
(click on link below)

No Children Policy

For your child’s safety and to ensure you get the best treatment possible without distractions, we politely request no children. Thank you for understanding.

Hair Restoration Studio Hours

*By Appointment Only
*Please call to schedule your private consultation and/or treatment appointment.

*Virtual Appointments Available

Contact Info

[email protected]

571 Hoppe Lane, Auburn CA

Appointment & Payment Policy

Hair Restoration or Consultation Fee Payment is due prior to the service.
*Unless other payment arrangements have been discussed and agreed upon.
Payment may be made by:
Cash, Check ($25 return check fee), All major credit cards
24 hour notice cancellation
I know sometimes things and life happens, so…
First Time:
No fee, but credit card will be taken for next appointment
Second time:
A 50% charge of consultation fee will be applied to your credit card
Third time:
You are cancelled as a client

Let’s Begin Your Hair Loss Restoration

Hair restoration consultations and trichology scheduling is by appointment only.
No walk-in appointments available.

*Virtual Appointments Available for Hair Loss Restoration

By Appointment Only
*Please call for current business hours.

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